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Barco Remote Reading

Remote Radiology Reading

Flexibility and productivity wherever you read

Barco’s remote reading solutions provide offsite radiologists with the quality, flexibility and security they need. Barco has developed solutions specifically designed for remote radiology reading, tackling the issues of performance and workflow, security and patient privacy, as well as quality and compliance.

Configure Workstation QAWeb & Compliance
Barco QAWeb Enterprise

QAWeb Enterprise

Always a clear view

QAWeb Enterprise helps you manage quality and assure compliance with less effort, lower cost and full confidence. This fully automated and secure system guarantees consistent image quality and uptime for PACS display systems across your enterprise.

Sign Up Now Breast Imaging
Barco Breast Imaging


Caring for women’s health

We help breast radiologists see the smallest clinical details, make swift and confident diagnoses, and improve breast cancer detection. As a breast radiologist, you want to catch breast cancer in its earliest stage. Our mammography display help you see subtle breast microcalcifications and small clinical details.

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Barco Multimodality


Medical imaging & workflows

At Barco, we help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise. Our extensive line-up of high-precision medical monitors brings accuracy and efficiency to a broad range of healthcare disciplines.

Our Products Reading Room
Barco Reading Room

Radiology Reading Room

A brighter diagnosis

Barco’s extensive series of high-precision medical displays brings accuracy and efficiency to a broad range of healthcare disciplines. For radiologists, we offer a full line of color, grayscale and multi-modality diagnostic displays, display controllers and QA tools.

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Barco ConnectCare

Barco. At your service.

Get the very best out of your investment

Barco’s ConnectCare service for diagnostic display fleets starts with a professional health check of your displays. Throughout its entire duration, our dedicated team of experts will monitor QAWeb Enterprise on a weekly basis. So when a quality compliancy issue occurs, we can start tackling it at the source, right away.

Protect your Display Interventional Radiology
Barco Breast Imaging

Interventional Radiology

Collaborate, educate and demonstrate

Remote work is everywhere, so why not make it happen to achieve better patient outcomes in Cathlab? With NexxisLive, you can involve the right people for any intervention, wherever they are. Teleassistance, teleconferencing and telementoring: the platform expands your OR, virtually and securely.

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