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In the global report ' Five Steps to the Perfect Meeting', you'll discover what are the biggest frustrations  for workers, why it's hard to get the most out of meetings and what can be done to turn meetings into a good use of everyone's  time. 

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Meetings have lost their way over the last few years. The number of meetings we have is increasing, but are we making the most of them? Are we utilizing meeting time efficiently and are we achieving the outcomes we are aiming for?

Barco ClickShare wants to make meetings matter again and turn inefficient hours into productive minutes by 'focusing on what makes the meeting perfect'.

Perfect meeting phone.JPGMeeting technology

In many of today’s meetings, there is at least one person attending remotely, or who wishes to use their own device to share content. 37% of respondents said they would use whatever tech is necessary to be able to work productively. However, this throws up security issues.

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Perfect meeting man.pngFlexible and remote working

More and more employees are demanding the flexibility to work and collaborate on the move or from home. Having the right secure meeting technology in place, will see an increase in productivity and efficiency as commute times are cut and flexible working hours replace the traditional 9-5 day.

Discover the benefits of agile working

Perfect meeting huddle.JPG

Rise of the huddle

Companies are recognizing that bookable meeting rooms are not always the best use of time and space in the workplace. That’s why they’re looking at environments in which employees would naturally want to spend more time. Unbookable, informal meeting spaces, or ‘huddle spaces’ have become increasingly popular, with 82% of respondents saying that every office should have at least one.

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