Future Of Meetings

Great technology and great meetings go hand in hand – having the right hardware and software in meetings are critical.

Meetings today are better than they were five years ago. And technology is at the heart of this transformation. Meeting attendees are confident using digital technologies and overwhelmingly prefer meetings that use technology.

Meetings should be short, with few people in them. Focus on what needs to be done, then move on. Technology is key to enabling this. It makes meetings more interesting, engaging and enjoyable for attendees. In particular, solutions making meetings more visual – such as large built-in displays, screen sharing and video – are drivers of engagement. 

In this whitepaper, we reveal our findings for Europe. Region-specific whitepapers for the US, China, India and the Pacific are also available, as well as a Global version. We hope you find this whitepaper stimulating and helpful as you plan the future of meetings in your organization

74% of companies plan to shift to more hybrid work post COVID-19

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