ClickShare Skype Room

Effortless Collaboration for Everyone

Meetings large and small can benefit from wireless collaboration with ClickShare and Logitech® SmartDock with SkypeTM Room Systems

Today's enterprises are changing. Meetings are going digital and green: we collaborate remote and virtual with teams all across the globe. Companies are in desperate need of end-to-end collaboration. Sharing presentations wireless when a team is remote? No longer fiction!

Industry leaders partner together to create these end-to-end collaboration solutions. That's why Barco teams up with Logitech® Smart Dock as an official Integration Partner in their Collaboration Program. 

Together ClickShare and Logitech® SmartDock offer first class meeting collaboration that delivers a stress-free user experience in an integrated Skype for Business environment. Simply plug in and add the wireless presentation capabilities of ClickShare to a SmartDock and provide a truly seamless meeting experience

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  • One-click wireless sharing solution for multiple users
  • Share instantly from desktop or mobile device using a ClickShare button, ClickShare app, or Airplay
  • No training, no installation, no messy cables

SmartDock and Skype Room System
  • One touch operation to launch or join a Skype Room System Meeting
  • Familiar Skype for Business user Interface
  • Works with existing Certified for Skype for Business displays and conference systems.

A winning combination
  • Wireless collaboration keeps tables cable-free
  • Easy out of the box integration and minimal IT support
  • Stress-free meetings for participants in or outside the room
Watch video on How to use ClickShare & and Logitech Smartdock

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