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Visible health outcomes

We help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise. We connect healthcare professionals at almost every patient touchpoint, from the imaging room to radiology, through specialist consultations, and in the surgical suite. By providing medical staff with the complete and most accurate picture, we enable more informed decisions, when and where it matters most. front female 0107_preview.jpg

Diagnostic versatility at your fingertips

For radiologists looking for quality, versatility, and simplicity, we have expanded our Nio series with a brand-new diagnostic display, designed specially to make your reading environment more flexible. Please find below five ways it does exactly that!

  • All-in-one display - You can use the Nio Fusion 12MP display as your go-to workstation for any type of image: it supports PACS and breast imaging, even tomosynthesis, all in one display.
  • Details, details, details - Get into more details with sharp and precise image quality, especially when you place multiple images next to each other.
  • Correctness - Integrated QAWeb Enterprise software enables automated QA and calibration, and compliance with the latest regional and international regulations for image quality.
  • Elegance and balance - The Nio Fusion 12MP is a 30” display that is surprisingly light and thin.

Optimal treatment outcomes

A successful Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting depends on more than bringing cancer specialists together. Keeping local and remote participants focused with simultaneous access to patient data, images, and clinical case information is the key to engagement. The vendor-neutral Barco Synergi™ platform, with its proprietary Smart Sharing technology, simplifies preparation for MDT meetings, increases collaboration, and expedites follow-up procedures. With greater flexibility and fewer administrative tasks, clinical teams can efficiently review more patient cases.

  • Discuss patient cases efficiently
  • Streamline reporting & follow-up
  • Leverage existing investments in hardware and software
  • Enhance focus on cancer care
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Confident remote reading

Going into the pandemic, the UK nations were struggling with radiologist shortages of between 27-37 percent.1
When reading diagnostic exams at home, whether occasionally or full-time, a flexible and mobile reading workstation solution is required with the same image quality and consistent reading environment wherever you need to work.

  • Turn your Thunderbolt 3 laptop into a blazing medical imaging workstation
  • Enable high definition imaging & 3D medical imaging graphics
  • Significantly boosts graphics capabilities of thin-and-light mobile workstation laptops
  • Mobile users gain desktop-level performance for intensive imaging workloads
  • Enjoy the freedom and same imaging performance, quality, workflow - and results!

Get more out of your warranty

If there’s one business that can’t afford to be without expert protection, it’s the healthcare business. Your medical display systems need to be up and running at all times. Their quality needs to be assured and compliance with medical standards guaranteed.

  • Maximize the uptime of your diagnostic displays
  • Audit the quality and compliance of your diagnostic displays
  • Keep current with the latest features and software
  • Optimize the life of your display investment
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A new perspective in natural 3D imaging

Over the years 3D technology has continued to evolve to where it is now. Barco autostereoscopic 3D displays2 feature state-of-the-art 3D technology for an immersive view during procedures. In contrast to other stereoscopic 3D technologies, the user does not need to wear glasses. Stereoscopy involves presenting two slightly different (offset) images separately to the left and the right eye. These two-dimensional images are combined in the brain to give the perception of 3D depth.

  • Natural 3D without wearing glasses
  • Advanced stereoscopic technology
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Medical grade component
2 commercially not available at the moment

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