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How to prepare your customers for BYOM

Prepare your customers for BYOM

In just a few weeks’ time, COVID-19 has changed our world, workstyle and workplace. Hybrid and virtual working is becoming the new normal. IT managers and Digital Workplace managers are looking into ways to facilitate productive video-enabled meetings and to connect both remote and on-site users.

  • How can you, as channel partner, help your customers ride the current UC&C wave beyond the crisis, when going back to the office?
  • How can you help customers with the surge in BYOM – Bring Your Own Meeting in the workplace?
  • How can you help them with their increased need to bring remote participants in meetings in an immersive way?
Two sessions are available on 28 May
  • 09.00 am GMT / 10.00 am CET on 28 May
  • 15.30 GMT / 16.30 CET on 28 May