How better hybrid meetings will improve collaboration & engagement in the workplace

Wednesday 18 November 2020: 16-17hrs CET | 10-11 AM EST

Join our webinar with our expert speakers Liesbet Meesschaert & Lieven Bertier to find out the results of our recent research on hybrid work and meeting.

Today, as office buildings are opening up again in some countries, it’s quite clear that there’s no such thing as a rush back to the office. And it’s impossible to bring entire teams together in the same spaces as before, just taking rules for social distancing in mind. No, we’ve gone for hybrid meetings instead! But we will have to find a new balance in today’s hybrid workplace.

Hybrid meeting does have its upsides. Companies are investing in employees’ well-being & safety and are improving focus, productivity and efficiency of collaboration at the same time. Want to learn all about how hybrid is the way forward to keep your business running, in the most critical of times? What will the workplace look like? What are the tech expectations of employees? Can you revive employee engagement?


  • Wednesday 18 November 2020: 16-17hrs CET | 10-11 AM EST