Thank You for making Future-Ready Workplace Virtual Conference, 2021 a success!

Businesses across industries are experiencing a paradigm shift and accelerating towards a whole new world of work – one that is Hybrid. Hybrid Workplace is no longer just a ‘good to have’ concept but a ‘must-have’ business priority – not Hybrid by compulsion but Hybrid by design! And while organizations embrace the new, they have also realized the need to build resilience for whatever comes next.
To delve into the dynamism of the new work styles and culture, to tap into the possibilities of this new conjunction of digital and physical workplace, to create the best workspaces that have the power to open minds, connect with others, and encourage active collaboration in a safe work environment, Barco welcomes you to the Future-Ready Workplace Virtual Conference 2021.
Time to step up your hybrid game!

In order to thrive, there is a need to adopt agile, flexible, scalable, and sustainable business models. Businesses need to prioritize designing a human-first, purpose-driven operation model to manage a distributed workforce and create new business values. They must embrace cutting-edge technologies to transform. This include adopting the right collaboration and visualization technology to transform employee experience by fostering efficiency, innovation, and growth for the future.

Why Attend?

Reset. Recalibrate. Redesign.
Know what it takes to create a future-proof hybrid workplace.

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