Transforming the operator workspace for better ergonomics

Free online talk

Learn the good, the bad and the ugly about control room ergonomics.

Your presenter: Andrew Dowsett (Barco)
Time: Available upon registration

Better workplace ergonomics lead to more health and work benefits for office workers. But in control rooms, there’s much more at stake. Next to increasing operator comfort and reducing stress, ergonomics enables operators to make better decisions when things get critical.

In this online talk, we will discuss what’s at stake when operator ergonomics is not taken into account. And we’ll talk about what you can do to offer your operators a healthier career.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • How bad ergonomics affects the health of your control room operators.
  • What the consequences can be of bad ergonomics in your critical control room.
  • Why standard ergonomics furniture and equipment is not enough to fix this.
  • What is the better alternative to multiple keyboards, mice and displays.
  • How Barco OpSpace lets the control room content come to the operator, not the other way around.